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Hearing in the murder trial of Anthony Tronca

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A hearing today to decide what evidence to keep in and keep out of an upcoming murder trial.

Anthony Tronca is charged in the murder of a man shot at his Waterloo auto shop business.
Investigators determined Ronald Randall was shot several times at AJT Auto last September.

A missing persons report had been filed on Randall.

The hearing wrapped up just before noon.

KWWL's Jessica Hartman was in the court room this morning for the entire 2.5 hours of the suppression hearing.

The suppression request was focused on evidence found during the impoundment of Tronca's wife's car.
The car was impounded and searched by the Waterloo Police K-9 Unit after both Tronca and a passenger were arrested during a traffic stop.

 The state called five witnesses including lead investigator Jeff Tyler and other Waterloo Police.

Tyler testified to the day's events leading up to the 2:30 pm arrest and the reason for impounding the car.

"I went up to that street to sit at the house, it was a duplex, at that point i waited for them to exit the driveway and then they pulled out into the street," said Tyler.

Tyler's testimony was backed up by assisting officers.

They said previous investigation determined there could have been meth and firearms in the car and Tronca admitted to knives in the glove box at the time of the traffic stop.

Other testimony, given by Officer Brice Lippert stated that the passenger during questioning admitted to taking a large amount of meth and was then taken to the hospital.

This was an important piece of information because meth and the dealing of meth is the main relationship link between Tronca, Ronald Randall, and informants in the case.

 The judge did not rule at the hearing and did not say when he would.

There's a pre-trial hearing at the end of the month.
Tronca's murder trial is scheduled for the first week of September.

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