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Motorcycle crashes prompt safety on the roads

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Ryan Mahood with the Waterloo Fire Department has been to a number of motorcycle crashes. He's even been involved in one.

"I was at an intersection, and the light changed across from another car," Mahood said. "We pulled into the intersection. They turned left and hit me."

He was thrown over the vehicle. But despite the scare, he keeps riding.

"I've lost friends riding, and I've had friends severely injured while riding, and it's just, you have to still choose to live your life," he said.

It's a passion he shares with thousands of others across the state.

In the last week though, there have been three crashes in Waterloo, all involving motorcycles.

Sharon Stone-Husmann with ABATE of Iowa says it's important when riding your motorcycle to wear bright clothing and be aware of your surroundings.

She also says it's important for people driving a vehicle to pay attention, and not drive distracted. 

"Put the cell phone down. Be aware of what you're doing," said Stone-Husmann.

The most common location for motorcycle crashes is at an intersection, she said.

"When there's an accident, the first thing out of the drivers mouth is, 'I didn't see them.' Well, basically what that's saying to us is, we weren't important, you weren't paying attention to what was going on," Stone-Husmann said. "We are important. Our lives are important."

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