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Cedar Falls couple worries substation will affect their wildlife

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An Eastern Iowa couple is worried a new electrical substation will compromise their many acres of wildlife. 

The substation is being built by Cedar Falls Utilities, and will be erected right on the edge of Linda and Nathan Nebbe's property in Cedar Falls.

Linda Nebbe says CFU promises to build a wall around the substation to take care of some of the noise and light pollution, but the Nebbe's fear isn't enough.

Linda and Nathan Nebbe have a lot of stock in their land, they've lived on their land since the 1980's.

They spend most of their time rehabilitating wild animals like deer, owls, raccoons, and bats.

They've been working hard to reconstruct the land for more than 30 years, and they fear the substation will ruin the integrity of the land.

"We're really disappointed, you have this idea of what the future is going to look like, and then it might just not," said Linda.

Nebbe admits the research on electric pollution is slim, and fortunately CFU has agreed to put up a wall, but there are still other factors Linda is worried about, like the bright light and constant humming noise.

"Fawn and deer have these great big ears that can turn any way. and they can hear up to two miles away." said Linda.

Linda says she isn't sure what she can do from here, since the deal is done.

But she hopes CFU holds up to their end of the deal.

CFU released a statement saying in part they have planned to construct the substation for many years, and will improve their services reliability.

It's set to be built some time before the end of 2015.

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