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Cyclones 2015 Football Preview

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Last season was one to forget for Cyclones -- only 2 wins -- none in the Big 12 --

and Cyclone senior Sam Richardson says they have no one but themselves to blame.

Sam Richardson: "It was definitely self inflicted the last 2 years, but I think everyone's focused on that first week, just getting that opportunity that we have."

Iowa State returns Richardson who threw for nearly 27-hundred yards last year -- along with highly experienced receivers Allen Lazard, D'Vario Montgomery, and Quenton Bundrage -- who sat out nearly all last season with an injury --

Tyler Brown -- who had 24 carries -- is the only returning ISU running back with any experience -- but he's confident in the new group --

Tyler Brown: "We're all very talented as well, and we're also hungry, have a lot of fuel to the fire right now, and ready to go."

On the defensive side, Paul Rhoads says there's no doubt this team will improve. Iowa State added 8 juco transfers during the offseason, all who are expected to see the field, but even if they don't play, Rhoads says they will make this team better.

Paul Rhoads: "Now you've got a case where you've got 2 guys elevating and I just use that number randomly. It could be 3 guys or 4 guys at a spot that are all really taking off and developing and that's necessary for a team's growth."

and that's required for a team that finished dead last in both rush and pass defense in the Big 12 last season -- but on Thursday -- Rhoads guaranteed improvement -- and the players agree --

Nigel Tribune: "I see us improving in every aspect in the pass game and the run game, but especially in the front 7, I think that's where our weakness was."

Cotton-Moya: "I believe that this brotherhood is going to help and we have 50 guys that's ready to play at all times so I don't think there will be a setback at any-time."

In just 4 weeks -- we'll find out if that's true --

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