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KWWL's 1-on-1 interview with Sen. Rand Paul

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His presidential campaign is not off to a hot start in Iowa, but a Republican is getting more attention this week because of his efforts to take taxpayer money away from Planned Parenthood. This comes after secretly taped interviews with the agency were released.

Sen. Rand Paul was in Waterloo Friday talking to voters about a number of issues. One thing he's very passionate about is defunding Planned Parenthood. He says a vote in the Senate could happen on Monday.

"I've been instrumental in forcing that vote... and I'm appalled and horrified by these videos showing a doctor so callously saying she manipulates the baby, turns the baby around in order to harvest the baby's body parts, which are then sold... and I think a lot of people are horrified," said Sen. Paul.

"We follow the law that says we cannot sell fetal tissue. And we don't. Women donate it. There is no selling and there is no profit," said Dawn Laguens from Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps the cornerstone of Senator Paul's campaign is his tax plan. A campaign video shows him taking a chainsaw to the U.S. tax code. He wants to create a one-page code with a 14.5% rate, across the board.

"We have a tax code now that is chasing American jobs overseas, chasing American companies overseas. I think we'd do a lot better with a simpler tax code," said Sen. Paul.

On education, he says he'd get rid of the Department of Education and said this about Common Core: "It's not so much objection to specific curriculum or specific testing, it's an objection to being told what to do by Washington and one size fits all."

From Waterloo, Senator Paul is making several stops across Iowa the next few days. He'll even take batting practice with a minor league team.

He says he's a big baseball fan, but when we asked if he's been to the Field of Dreams on one of his many stops to Iowa, he said, 'No' and then asked where it was. It wouldn't be surprising if Dyersville then is one of his stops the next time he's in Iowa.

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