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2013 sexual assault case dismissed, charges dropped

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Prosecutors have decided to drop a nearly 2 year case in Iowa City.

The case involved 53-year-old Ronald Williams, who allegedly followed a woman into a porta-potty near Lot 43 at Kinnick Stadium on the early morning of September 7, 2013 and allegedly tried to make her have sex with him.

Williams' trial was supposed to start this week, but the case was dismissal.

Williams was originally charged with indecent exposure and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, but with Williams' case dropped last week there are no charges.

The victim says the last two years have been terrifying, saying the dismissal is unjust.

“It's unfair, I've lost my job, friends, I've been stressed for two years,” said the victim.

She says it's like there's no end in sight.

Assistant County Attorney Anne Lahey says the judge dismissed the case because of a speedy trial error, however there are reports that there was actually a paperwork error, but Lahey wouldn't confirm or deny.

“No comment,” Lahey said and she wouldn't answer any other questions.

While still trying to pinpoint exactly who is at fault, the victim tells KWWL she's terrified Williams could attack her again, or even another woman since he's out there walking free.

She says had she known the end result of this sexual abuse case would have ended like this, she would not have reported the sexual abuse and gone through these two years of what she calls “hell.”

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