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Man's arm is nearly severed on the job

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A man is recovering in an area hospital tonight, after his arm is nearly severed on the job.

It was a terrifying scene for Stuff Etc.'s owner, John Claassen. His employee of two years, Ron Duncan on this sidewalk, bleeding from his arm after a metal sign sliced his left arm at the elbow.

"The arm was not completely severed- it just cut through everything to the bone, " Claassen says.

It wasn't the phone call, Ron's wife was expecting on a Saturday.

"I'm very overwhelmed with how lucky I am to even have him," she says.

Everyone rushed to help. Ron was airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

"He's just such a great guy when it comes to thinking about other people...he was telling us to call his wife and what to say to her and what to tell the kids," Claassen says.

He went through an 8 hour surgery and then had to go back to surgery because of complications.

"The vein collapsed and clotted so they had to put in a new one," Claassen says.

Ron's daughter Lily was featured as a KWWL Someone You Should Know for dedicating her birthday- as a day to give to others.

"They are an amazing family, ones that have helped so many other people in the past and they are always willing to do something for someone else," Claassen says.

Now the community is coming together- helping out anyway they can to to help the Duncan family.

Ron is recovering, all in good spirits.

His wife says, "It gets better and better everyday and as time goes on, that's just that more of a reassurance."

And a great sense of humor, helps in the recovery process.

Claassen said, "As soon as I walked in the door at the hospital he says, Hey John...Can I still be your right hand man?"

Ron is still at risk for losing his arm-but his family is very hopeful that surgeons can save it.

He's waiting for all the surgical teams to get together to reattach all the nerves, tendons and muscles.

Ron has a long and expensive recovery period ahead of him and the family could use some help. If you are interested, there's a Go Fund Me page set up under "Help the Duncan's."

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