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Tractor and trailer stolen off Chickasaw Co. property

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The search is on for someone who stole a tractor and trailer on a property in Chickasaw County near Fredericksburg.

It's believed to have happened last week, but David Teepe says he noticed his tractor and trailer were gone Saturday morning.

He says the thieves must have loaded the tractor inside the trailer and pulled it away.

"They unloaded everything that was in the trailer out and they found enough ramps around here to load that little 5020 Allis up," said Teepe.

Teepe says he's had the property for more than 20 years, but he doesn't live out here anymore.

"I haven't lived out here for a year. My house burnt," said Teepe.

He says the tractor is a one of a kind and his father bought it in 1977.

"They can bring me the tractor back and keep everything else," said Teepe.

KWWL couldn't get in contact with the Chickasaw County Sheriff or the Chief Deputy for comment on Monday. They did however post a message to their Facebook page.

It reads:


We've been experiencing thefts from rural farm (work or storage) sites in the past several weeks. Implements of husbandry are being taken. Please watch out for your neighbors . If you see something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood, please call the Sheriff's Office immediately.

If you have trail cameras or other security type cameras, you may want to think about putting them in place at your work or storage sites that you don't visit often. The cost of a camera is minimal compared to the cost to replace stolen goods. Again if you see something - please say something.

We will put more out on this Tuesday.

Thank you

Sheriff Miller

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