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A RAGBRAI first: Cyclists ride past Kinnick Stadium

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This year cyclists rode past Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, for the first time as a part of the RAGBRAI route.

The ride by Kinnick, was especially meaningful for some.

 "It brings back all of the memories, good and bad, and most of them were good,"  says Doug Patton, who was a cheerleader for the Hawkeyes in the sixties.

The historic Kinnick Stadium was named after 1939 Heisman trophy winner, Nile Kinnick, and is a place many Iowans hold dear.

 "Very cool and the Nile Kinnick statue's very impressive, yeah he's a hero," said Terry Ferry when asked about his ride past the stadium.

Ferry played football for the Hawkeyes beginning in 1961.

Many cyclists were singing the Iowa fight song and yelling "Go Hawks" as they rode by.

Those watching RAGBRAI cyclists pass, were reminiscing as well.

"Our son was Herky for four years and we had graduated from Iowa State, so when we came down to games here we of course had to switch our loyalties a little bit," said Fran Gruenhaupt as she watched RAGBRAI from outside the stadium.

While cyclists were making memories at RAGBRAI, they were able to look back at some memories at Kinnick as well.

 "A friend of mine was a full back for the University of Iowa and he swept in and I was on the sidelines one day and he bowled me over, and I went rolling, and he got up, he said, this is Bill Perkins, Bills says, Jeez Doug I'm sorry! Well I said it's my fault I was in the way, I hope he got a gain on that I can't remember," said Patton as he laughed.

The ride past Kinnick certainly put smiles on a lot of faces.

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