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Clinton talks energy, education in KWWL 1-on-1 interview

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She has a big lead in the polls, but is not taking Iowa for granted.

Hillary Clinton was considered the early Democratic front runner for president in 2008, but stumbled in Iowa.

Now, she's changing her approach, spending more time in the state in living rooms and smaller events.

KWWL's Jerry Gallagher sat down with Clinton in Cedar Rapids to ask questions that don't get talked about a lot on the national stage -- including some issues that are specific to Iowa.

Wind is hot -- literally, during the Iowa summer -- but also on the campaign trail. Last year, of all the electricity Iowa produced, 28 percent came from wind energy.

That's a big number. If it keeps increasing, it's a financial windfall for the state. But there are concerns.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, from Iowa, says unlike long-standing tax breaks for fossil fuels, clean energy credits must survive periodic votes on Capitol Hill. He says that has to change.

"I agree with him 100 percent on this issue," Clinton said. "There is an uneven playing field when it comes to energy in Washington. We have seen here in Iowa, it's a perfect example of what the production tax credit means."

As Secretary Clinton stands with a Republican on that topic, it appears she does not agree with her party's own leader on another key energy issue in Iowa.

Iowa produces more ethanol than any other state, but the EPA says standards in place cannot be reached -- so the Obama administration plans to reduce how much ethanol is required, by law, to end up in gasoline.

KWWL asked Clinton if she agrees with the White House plan to change things up.

"I support it as it is now, because I think it's the basis for advanced biofuels research," Clinton said. "We have airplanes now experimenting with flying on biofuels so this is exciting. I don't want to do anything that stops the development."

Common Core has also been a controversial topic in and out of Iowa.

KWWL asked Secretary Clinton for a specific example of how the Iowa Core has been good or bad for schools and students.

She sidestepped that question, but says she'll roll out her plan to make higher education more affordable in the next week or two.

You can watch the entire interview above.

KWWL also requested an interview with Bernie Sanders when he was in eastern Iowa last week. His campaign would not agree to a one-on-one, sit-down interview.

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