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Johnson County issues community IDs

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Johnson County is now issuing community ID's, in an effort to help Iowans who can't qualify for a state issued ID.

Janelle Rettig of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors said the idea started as Iowa City community IDs, but they realized many people in Johnson County who needed the IDs didn't live right in the city.

For this reason county IDs made more sense.

"A small part of this is symbolic, you're welcome here," says Rettig. "Both symbolic and important to people who can't get IDs."

According to Rettig, to get a community ID, a person must have documents proving their identity and where they live.

Rettig says the IDs will help many people, especially those who were born in foreign countries and have trouble getting state issued IDs without a birth certificate.

Johnson County is the most rural county to ever issue state IDs, according to Rettig.

Rettig says she is going to use her community ID while shopping and if someone ever refuses it, she will refuse to shop with them in the future.

She says she hopes this effort by Johnson County can put pressure on the state to make getting state issued IDs easier.

A list of what the community IDs can and can't be used for can be found at

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