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E-Cig Ban Reaction

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The growing popularity of using E-Cigarettes raises questions on public health.

 Iowa City council members voted unanimously to ban vaping in public places.

It is an issue with widely contrasting views.

On one side users say its a healthier alternative to smoking, but others reactions are not always positive.  

"A couple times it seems like someone was just like, you know...I got a reactions." said E-Cig users Robyn Kuykendall, "I was like really? Its not a real cigarette and they were just like. . .but I mean it wasn't a real cigarette, so I couldn't understand why they got so upset."

What causes most public concern is the smoke-like substance you get coming from E-Cigs, but what it actually is is a water based vapor versus a chemical combustion, which is what you get smoking a cigarette."

 Health officials say they are concerned there isn't enough research to determine the effects of second hand vapor.

 According to one user the answer shouldn't be regulation, but education.

President of Iowans for Alternatives to Smoking and Tabacco, Corey Halfhill said, "The unknown is always a fear to everybody and its understandable, but if they do a little research and a little bit of understanding by actual like I said proper studies."

 Kuykendall said she is always mindful of others when in public and others should be too.

"I've always been respectful," said Kuykendall, "I've never thought that my rights are better than anyone elses, like their right to breath clean air. Okay I get it."

  We did reach out to other cities in the area about banning E-Cigs in public.

  Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Dubuque all said it was not a topic they were currently considering.

   We have not heard back from Cedar Rapids.

 The Iowa City ban will follow the same guidelines laid out for smoking in Iowa's Smoke Free Act.

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