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Fundraising scam in front of Walmarts

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 On any given weekend, at any given Walmart location, shoppers are stopped at the doors by people asking for donations.

You may want to take a few moments to double check who exactly is asking for money.

According to one prominent non-profit in the Cedar Valley, they have become the victim of a scam.

It was a normal day like any for many local Walmart shoppers, but one day this past weekend those shoppers had no idea the men stopping them at the front door were running a scam.

Cedar falls shopper Michelle says it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. "They looked legit, I mean they...he didn't look like anyone that would be scamming somebody."

According to the Cedar Valley Boys and Girls Club CEO, Chuck Rowe, the scammers have been claiming to be associated with them for the last month.

"I would get an occasional email or phone call from someone saying. 'hey you know what, I just want to let you know I supported the boys and girls club this week and bought some cookies from someone infront of Walmart' and I was like what? We aren't doing anything infront of Walmart!"

 Rowe said he did contact the local walmarts and notify them of the scam.

 As for Michelle, she says she donates whenever she can, but will think twice next time.
"Now the next time I go to try and donate money, now I am going to be leary. 'Well should I because I don't know if its legit or not.'"

  Rowe says the best way to determine if an organization is legit, is to ask specific questions like where are you located and what programs do you offer?

  We have reached out to Walmart. They are currently looking into the scam.

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