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Heroin trend affecting Eastern Iowa

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It's a drug five times cheaper than your average street sold painkiller, and just as potent.

"When you come down from heroin," said Lt. Corbin Payne with the Tri-County Drug Task Force, "all you want is more heroin."

Heroin addicts all over the country are chasing the high, many here in Eastern Iowa landing themselves hospitalized or worse.

"We've had a couple of deaths in the last couple years because of heroin addiction, several trips to the ER," said Payne.

And Center for Disease Control reports indicate those people can be anyone.

As the saying goes, heroin does not discriminate; users are coming from every demographic.

Payne says much of the heroin in Eastern Iowa is coming from Chicago and Detroit, he says the problem goes beyond usage, because with every drug comes a network.

"The violent crimes are associated with drugs and drug selling. We've seen all these shootings and a lot of them are gang related, with gangs comes drug sales," he said.

Officials say in order to fix the problem, the drug needs to become less accessible and therefore more expensive, deterring people from buying and using.

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