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Attorney for Whitey's Bar: Vet threatened owner, not about service dog

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A bar owner accused of kicking a veteran and his service dog out of the bar is sharing his perspective through his attorney.

A case gaining national attention following the incident at Whitey's Bar and Grill in Lisbon after the situation was posted on social media over the weekend.

"This incident had nothing to do with the service dog," said Whitey's attorney Mike Lahammer. "Mr. [Charles] Russell was not in possession of the service dog at the time. He was jerk at a bar and he threatened the owner."

Attorney Lahammer did not hold back anything surrounding his client allegedly being attacked.

Lahammer says once his client was attacked by Russell, his client asked Russell to leave, Russell refused.

"As a veteran myself of the Marine Corps, I'm personally offended that Mr. Russell chooses to hide behind the service dog in justifying his actions," said Lahammer.

Lahammer says Russell's actions were belligerent leading Russell, Elvis, his service dog, and his girlfriend Keleen Warren allegedly being kicked out of the bar.

"Chazz Russell did not even have his service dog, his girlfriend had his service dog at the time. She brought it in after Mr. Russell had already been in the bar, drinking at the bar, she brought it in later," claims Lahammer.

Lahammer says his client and his client's wife have the greatest respect for veterans because both their fathers served our nation.

Lahammer says the owner told him Russell was a regular at the bar and they had no idea he was even a veteran.

However after KWWL spoke to Russell Monday night he gave us a different story.

"We noticed right away that the owner was very intoxicated and very upset with us having the dog in there and we've had Elvis in there for the past week and a half since he's come to live with us," said Russell.

The surveillance video has been viewed by Lahammer and says there's a lot of inaccuracies and falsehoods with Russell's story, however he says once the video is able to be released everyone will see what really happened.

Whitey's has been in business for about 10 years and Lahammer says it's unfair for the company to now have to take shots from people who don't even know the facts, ruining Whitey's reputation.

"Whitey's should not be chastised in the media or have people up in arms in making threats to the owners of Whitey's or anybody associated with this case until they know the facts," said Lahammer. "It was a jerk in a bar, who had been drinking, threatened the owner and then refused to leave."

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