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Viral post: Vet, service dog allegedly kicked out of bar

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A post on social media now gaining national attention after an Iowa bar owner allegedly kicked a veteran and his service dog out of his bar and grill in Lisbon, then a fight broke out.

"A gentleman had a service dog inside the bar and didn't want him in the bar, so they escorted them out," said Lisbon Police Chief Rick Scott.

Keleen Warren and her boyfriend Charles "Chazz" Russell say they went to Whitey's Bar and Grill and were not only kicked out, but assaulted.

"[The bar owner] jumped up from his bar stool and wrapped his hand around my throat trying to strangling me and I asked him several times to stop and he wouldn't," said Russell.

Russel says he suffers with PTSD after serving overseas in Iraq and has had his service dog since the end of June.

Lisbon Police Documents confirm there was a fight at Whitey's Bar and Grill Friday and according to the documents Russell told officers he was assaulted by the same person who kicked him out.

The document also says Warren was hit.

"The law states that a service dog can enter an establishment at any time," said Chief Scott.

The post shared more than 23,000 times on Warren's Facebook page has led to the Police Chief and his family getting death threats because in some people's eyes, the chief didn't do anything about the incident, however the police reports show they did arrive on scene.

"Social media has been very hard on me," said Scott. "I'm handling it alright, i just fear for my family and stuff like that. but myself, I'm pretty thick skinned."

The man accused in the police report of attacking Russell, has been advised by an attorney to not talk to the media, at least for now.

As for Warren and Russell they say it's more than being assaulted at the bar, it's about education of ADA laws and knowing the rights of people with disabilities.

"We don't have hard feelings, I think we can go out on the limb here and say we forgive his actions, but his future actions are what we're trying to prevent," said Warren.

Whitey's bar owner tells KWWL they do intend to release a statement Tuesday.

Chief Scott says he expects assault charges to be filed in this case, although police are still investigating.

There is surveillance video of the fight and it has been turned over the police. 

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