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Independence Day where "America's Fame is in the Name"

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The City of Independence is where  "America's fame is in the Name" and on Independence Day, you can see why.

People from all over flood the streets for the annual parade but the parade isn't the only tradition.

"We always just see who can deck out in the most like red, white and blue," said Easton Davis.

The Davis family always comes to the parade wearing the American flag.

"We always kind of go all out," said Davis. "We do the whole buy your outfit forever and ahead of time."

In Independence, it's not only a family holiday on the Fourth of July, but it's really a day that brings the entire community together.

"Seeing everybody out enjoying themselves, enjoying a good weekend," said Robert Sutton, Sr.

And this is something you can also enjoy:  A community reading of the Declaration of Independence.

After all, we hold these truths to be self-evident, from men being created equal, to the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit that for many means the same thing.

"Freedom, what our military people went through to give us this pleasure of freedom," said Sutton.

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