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Fireworks or gunshots: it's not easy to tell

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Firework displays big and small this time or year fill the skies with celebration, but oftentimes those sounds can be mistaken,

"It's not uncommon we get calls for shots fired and when we get there it's actually just fireworks," said Sgt. Andrew Clark with the Waterloo Police Department.

With the help of some YouTube videos, our crew took to the streets and posed the question: gunshots or fireworks?

Only one person our crew spoke to got it right.

Police say they expect more of that confusion as the holiday approaches.

"Unless they're familiar with firearms, it's hard to tell. Even people who are familiar with them won't always get it right," said Clark.

Regardless of what the incident may be, Clark says they take all calls seriously.

Even if no shots are fired,, fireworks in close range neighborhood areas can be dangerous.

"We give it a higher priority if it's a danger to someone's safety or property," Clark said.

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