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Rod Blum to seek second term in 2016

Rod Blum says he will seek a second term in 2016

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Iowa's Freshman First District Republican Congressman, Rod Blum, says he will seek a second term in 2016.

During a taping Wednesday for The Steele Report on KWWL this Sunday, Blum told KWWL he will, without a doubt, be a candidate for re-election in the 2016 First District Congressional race.

The reason, Blum says, is simple. "The challenges remain. The wheels of Federal government move very slowly, by design, I think, by the Founding Fathers.”

Potential Democratic contenders have already made announcements they will seek the Democratic nomination, including Monica Vernon and Gary Kroeger.

In addition, Former longtime Iowa State Representative Pat Murphy, whom Blum defeated last November, is expected to announce soon he will jump into the race, in an effort to win the nomination and earn a rematch against Blum. Both Murphy and Blum call Dubuque home.

Despite being in office only six months, Blum says he is already looking forward to 2016 and his potential re-election to a second term.

He told KWWL, “I'm looking forward to the election in November of 2016 for President. And, I'm hopeful that in 2017, with the next Congress, I hope to be a part of, that we have new leadership and we can move the country forward, particularly economically."

Blum was in the 2012 First District Congressional race, but lost the Republican nomination to Ben Lange. Blum ran again in 2014 and won the Republican nomination before going on to win the 2014 general election with his victory over Pat Murphy.

Congressman Blum will be the guest on The Steele Report this Sunday, July 5, on KWWL-TV main channel right after NBC's Meet The Press. The show will then be posted, in its entirety, on

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