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$35 million school bond vote in Cedar Falls

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - A key school bond vote comes Tuesday in Cedar Falls and both sides are trying to get their messages out.

Lawns are covered with signs in Cedar Falls, but with different messages.

"Vote Yes" or "Vote No" regarding the $35 million dollar school bond.

Superintendent Dr. Andy Pattee says, "Education is so vitally important for success, so we see this as something that is extremely vital and important for not only our education system but certainly for our community."

The $35 million dollar bond will go to improve two elementary schools- North Cedar and Orchard Hill. The money will also go towards building a new elementary school in the area, but people who are against the bond say it's unnecessary.

Judd Saul is against the bond and says, "I've seen the schools and they are not in that bad of shape. I've been to third world countries where kids grew up learning English on dirt floors and now they are doctors here in the United States."

But school officials say there are major problems for the growing district. Overcrowding is a key issue.

Pattee says, "We are not going to have enough seats to adequately serve our students in the future."

Some people are worried about the tax increase from the bond though, especially for people on fixed incomes.

"We would like to see incrementalism and not big dreamy large new schools with a lot of wasted money and space," Saul said.

School officials understand, but they say the money is needed and will be well -spent.

"We know that the impact on this for the average home owner would be less than 10 dollars a month," Pattee said.

He continued, "We understand that's an impact... it's an investment, but it's certainly an investment for the future as we look at how we can provide the best education for all of our students."

The vote requires a 60 percent super majority to pass on June 30.

Dr. Pattee says if this bond does not pass, school officials will go back to the drawing board because "something needs to happen."

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