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Man says letter telling him to kill himself was put in his car

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ARLINGTON (KWWL) -  An Eastern Iowa man says he's shocked, after a hate-filled note was placed inside his car.

Gilbert McBride is a minister from Arlington, and he says he was on his way out Thursday morning when he discovered a note condemning him for marrying a same-sex couple.

McBride's wife recently died and in the note, the anonymous author claims she died because he performs same sex marriages.

The person writes they hope McBride suffers, and says he should kill himself.

Since posting the note to Facebook, McBride has been in touch with Fayette sheriff deputies.

Deputies say they're going to look into it, and they want to launch an investigation.

McBride's wife died back in January and he says he's still grieving while trying to take care of his children.

He says this note tore him to the core.

"This is probably the most hateful, hurtful things anyone has ever done to me," he said.

When he showed one of his roommates the note, she says it knocked the wind out of her.

"He cares more about other people and their happiness and well=being than he does himself," said Christen Worthy.

The note is vile.

The anonymous author writes McBride is an abomination, and the whole community wants him to suffer.

It states that McBride's wife died because he performs same-sex marriages, and that he deserves all his suffering.

It even tells him to grab a rope and hang himself.

"That's the worst possible thing you could tell a minister, that God hates you. That God took your wife because you performed a same-sex wedding."

His wife died in January.

"I have to deal with that, every single day. Every single day I have to find something to live for," he said.

McBride posted the note to Facebook and it has since gone viral, shared by many far and beyond the small town of Arlington.

Despite the online support, he says he can't help but fear for his life.

"It could be my neighbor and I don't know."

One woman in Arlington is concerned about the validity of the note.

After a conversation with KWWL she said she is worried about Arlington's reputation.

Sheriff deputies say they believe the note to be valid and are ready to launch a full investigation.

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