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Iowa reactions to SCOTUS Obamacare ruling

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 Different groups around Iowa are offering their reactions to the Supreme Court ruling this morning that upholds health care law subsidies.

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann: “Obamacare was conceived through a coordinated campaign to deceive the public, leaving Americans with canceled policies, increased costs, and fewer freedoms. We will continue fighting to repeal and replace Obamacare, and we'll start by electing a Republican to the White House in 2016."

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Andy McGuire: “Once again, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the tens of thousands of Iowans receiving health care because of the Affordable Care Act. Never again shall we return to the days when you could be denied health coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or be charged more for health insurance merely because of your gender. Every Iowan deserves access to quality, affordable health care."

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley: “I respect the court and its role in our system of government, but Obamacare remains a terrible law. It's led to too many people losing the coverage they had and spending more for what coverage they can get. Iowans tell me directly in town meetings and in emails and letters to my office that they don't like the law. Obamacare upended the whole health system instead of targeting what was wrong and fixing those problems. Now the debate returns to the Congress and next year's presidential election. I'm committed to replacing Obamacare with health care reforms that empower consumers, drive down costs, and use marketplace incentives to make health care coverage accessible and affordable. The current majority in Congress is committed to repealing Obamacare and replacing it with effective reforms driven by the marketplace, not the heavy hand of government.”

Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst: “Today's Supreme Court ruling does not change the fundamental reality that ObamaCare is a poorly conceived and reckless law.“As ObamaCare again finds itself under scrutiny of our highest court, it's further affirmation that we need a workable solution for the millions of Americans who continue to face uncertainty over their health care due to this disastrous law."

Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack: "Today's Supreme Court decision is a big relief for the thousands of Iowa families who would have faced large, unforeseen, out of pocket increases in their health care costs. If Republicans would have had their way thousands of young adults under 26 would lose their insurance, women would again be considered a second class citizen, seniors would have to pay more for their medications and 43,000 children in Southeast Iowa would be denied insurance because they had a preexisting condition. Congress clearly meant for these tax breaks to be available to anyone who qualified, no matter where they lived. It is time we move forward and work to strengthen this law, not continue to try and dismantle it.”

Republican Congressman Steve King released his comments in a video.

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