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Coralville residents on high alert after 2 shootings within weeks

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Two shootings in two weeks has some people living in Coralville shaken up.

The latest one happening in the 600-block of 10th Avenue Monday evening, leaving a 15-year old shot and a few others pistol-whipped.

Then June 12, the fatal Coral Ridge Mall shooting. 

20-year-old Andrea Farrington was shot three times by mall security guard Alexander Kozak, according to police.

Residents of Coralville say these shootings are a bit too close to home.

"Yeah, it's scary that it happened so close, twice," said Coralville resident Pauline Kirkpatrick. "I won't go to the mall. Not at all."

Kirkpatrick has been living in Coralville her entire life and says she remembers when things were different.

Now she says she's a little uneasy and scared.

"I keep the windows shut, my blinds are down," said Kirkpatrick. "Shocked it was so close to my home."

However, not everyone is on high alert like Kirkpatrick.

Eleanor Anstey has been living in Coralville for over 20 years and says the shootings and violence are just the signs of the times.

"I think those are just reflective of what's going on in the larger United States," said Anstey. "Every time some shooting happens people say 'oh we thought it'd happen some place else.' No it doesn't, it happens every place. I feel safe here because I feel like in a small community you get to know each other, you know your neighbors."

Coralville Police Chief Berry Bedford says Coralville is safe, but we have to remember crime does happen - everywhere.

"We can't live like crime doesn't happen," said Bedford. "Although violence is not an everyday occurrence here."

He tells KWWL there has been a sense of uneasiness across the city since the recent shootings.

Bedford says he's not trying to minimize that these situations are happening, but he adds people in every city will unfortunately take the opportunity to prey on somebody else.

In both shootings police quickly made arrests.

In the premeditated mall shooting, 22-year old Alexander Kozak was charged with first degree murder.

In Connection to Monday's shooting, Coralville police charged four people total.

17-year old Arthur Kirksey with attempted murder and three others with first degree robbery.

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