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CDC: it's not the chlorine causing red eyes...

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You know that burning feeling you get in your eyes when you step out of a pool?

Many think chlorine is the culprit, and it is...sort of.

A new study by the Center for Disease Control shows its actually chlorine bound with sweat, urine and other human wastes.


It's one of summer's biggest social taboos: going potty in the pool.

We tell our kids not to do it, but really, who wants to take a potty break when there's so much fun to be had?

The CDC's new study may make some think twice.

According to the study, chlorine isn't the only chemical responsible for those red eyes and the stinging nasally feeling you get when you leave the pool.

You can add urine, sweat, and other waste to the list.

"How dreadful, I think ignorance is bliss," said pool-goer Linda Barton.

The CDC reports the chlorine binds with the waste, creating a byproduct called chloramines.

Chloramines move into surrounding air as well.

It's recommended swimmers take a shower before and after using any sort of pool, and of course, it's encouraged to never go to the bathroom anywhere but a bathroom.

In some serious cases, the CDC reports chloramines can cause a severe cough, especially for those who have asthma.

A good reminder to practice good hygiene!

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