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Someone You Should Know: Daryl Smith

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Daryl Smith is the founder of the Tallgrass Prairie Center at UNI. He's been there for 48 years.

Smith has dedicated his life to teaching others on the importance of prairies, which produce some of the richest soil in the world, providing healthy crops for all of us.

He says Iowa originally was 80 percent prairie land, and now it only makes up about 1 percent of land in the state. So now, he teachers others on how we can protect prairies.

He says this is something we all need to know  -- to help us in the future.

"We're increasing in the numbers of people and increasing the technological impact on the environment, so I think we are gradually diminishing our natural environment and I think we are going to pay a price for that someday," Smith said.

Smith is retiring in August, but he won't give up on prairies.

He plans on visiting different prairie sites throughout the U.S.

If you are interested in learning more, he will be at the Iowa 2015 Prairie Conference starting July 16 at UNI.

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