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Highway 965 project detouring traffic on residential streets

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A highway construction project forcing thousands of cars to detour through residential streets.

The construction work in North Liberty along Highway 965 is causing traffic to detour off the city's major roads and onto residential streets.

"Never seen this many cars here," said 7-year old Beckett Linebarger.

Beckett and his sister Sophia used to play outside all the time, but with a significant increase in traffic, their parents set new outside playing rules.

Beckett and Sophia made a sign and posted it on their front yard reminding drivers to "Slow down. Watch for kids!"

"There were so many cars and we wanted to make them slow down," said Sophia Linebarger.

Adults living along Cherry Street says the neighborhood was typically quiet and very kid-friendly, but with traffic it's like a hub of danger.

"Not too happy about it," said Erin Bromwell who live on Cherry Street. "Don't play out near the street anymore, don't even really have balls out because we're afraid they'll roll into the street where traffic is much busier."

Crews are working on widening the Scales Bend Road intersection along Highway 965, so the highway is completely closed north of Penn Street while that work is being done.

City officials say the eastbound detour for Penn Street will likely be back to normal by the end of June.

However with more extensive detours, other residential roads will have to deal with higher amounts of drivers in their neighborhood for most of the summer months

Jim Newcomb, who lives along Cherry Street says the city should have done a better job looking at detour routes because it's dangerous.

"It could be very fatal the way traffic's flying by here right now," said Newcomb

Nick Bergus, North Liberty Communications Director says they were very careful in planning the detours, but says traffic has to go somewhere.

He says they are aware of the safety concerns, so they plan on having speed trailers and more police patrols in those now heavily traveled residential roads.

Bromwell says the semi's, rush hour traffic and speeding drivers along her street are things that add a risk to kids safety.

This is very chaotic," said Nalani Gross. "Kids could be out here or anybody could be out here and get hit."

For kids like Nalani, they just want their outside freedom back, while adults would like drivers to obey the "Slow down. Watch for kids" sign posted along the road.

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