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Someone You Should Know: Beyond Pink TEAM

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Breast cancer affects a lot of men and women and it's a tough journey for everyone involved. Meet a group of women who dedicate their time to supporting those in the fight.

Pat Buls says, "We want to pay it forward and we want to make the journey a little easier for those who are diagnosed in the future."

Breast cancer- the diagnosis can be earth-shattering and volunteers at the Beyond Pink TEAM in the Cedar Valley want to help.

Member Lori Seawel says, "These women are just incredible in the amount of energy that they have and in the support that they provide to women and men who are fighting breasts cancer- and their families."

The majority of the volunteers, know what it's like to need support, because they are breast cancer survivors themselves.

Buls says, "Each time you tell your story it's a cathartic effect that you have- knowing that your helping someone else and I don't know who receives the greater benefit."

The group has many events and projects. Such as hand- sewn pillows to offer men and women comfort after surgery.

Buls says, "An act of kindness has so much meaning to them. They are not forgotten and it's just a support thing that helps them get through the process."

Seawel says, "Just having someone come to you and give you something like this and tell you that this is from another woman who has been through breast gives you hope."

It goes beyond support though, these women want to find a cure and they are taking action to get there. They have multiple fundraisers and educational events throughout the year and all the money stays here.

Member Marty Mullnix says, "These funds stay here in Black Hawk County and surrounding communities. In fact, last year we helped over 71 individuals with more than $52,970 for different expenses."

Seawel says, "It's just a group of women that care what other women are going through and that comes out loud and clear."

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