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American Legion: "The theft hurts the people we benefit"

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A robbery over Memorial Day weekend has veterans as the victims.

Authorities say the Lone Tree American Legion was robbed this past weekend after a break-in, and suspects stole close to $1,000.

Post Commander Terry Kruse says members are distraught, and don't know why anyone would do something like this.

He says one of the members came into the post building Monday morning to collect money they had recently raised. When he went to find the money, though, it was gone.

The money was locked in a filing cabinet, acting as a safe. Kruse says the suspects used a crow bar to break into the cabinet, and stole the close to $1,000 inside.

"By some standards maybe that's not a lot, but it is to us. But who it's stolen from is really from those who benefit from the programs we support."
The American Legion helps children, students, along with kids of area veterans who might be going through a struggle.

"Maybe they can't pay their rent, buy their groceries, pay their electric bill," Kruse says.

He says it's s shame when innocent people become victims.

"They steal from the people it benefits. And it's too bad. I think they'll get caught."

Kruse says he plans to beef up security at the post, to try and prevent future break-ins.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says no arrests have been made in the case, and authorities continue to look into the incident.

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