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Fareway: How to achieve the perfect burger

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1. Which ground beef is best for burgers?

a. I prefer 85%. It's the perfect combination of flavor and moisture without too much shrinkage.
b. 80% works, too, just keep in mind your burgers will shrink when cooked.
c. 93% is the leanest ground beef we carry. 93% won't shrink very much on the grill, but you will need to add a little extra TLC to keep it moist.

2. How much should I buy?
a. 1 pound of ground beef should make 4 bun-size patties.
b. If you're making sliders, figure 6-8 burgers per pound.

3. What's the best way to shape the burger?
a. Shape each burger into flat, round patties, keeping in mind that the raw patty should be slightly larger and thinner than the desired final product. Burgers puff up in the center when they cook, making them thicker.

4. What type of seasoning is recommended?
a. One of the best things about burgers is that they can be customized to any taste. I keep mine simple with a seasoning salt and garlic powder. It helps gives the burger flavor without losing the natural flavor of the ground beef.
b. If you're feeding a large group for Memorial Day, I recommend keeping it simple and having a variety of toppings or seasonings on the side so each person can flavor his/her own.
c. Worcestershire sauce is a nice all-purpose seasoning for burgers, too. It helps keep the burgers juicy while complementing the beef flavor.
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