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More political pit stops in Iowa

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  Bush versus Clinton -- no it's not 1992.

Hillary Clinton announcing her presidential bid is old news, but convincing Iowans she's invested in heir interests is still a very present challenge.

It's still too early to tell, but it's obvious she plans to spend a lot of time in the state.

She'll host a closed event on May 19 in a small Cedar Falls store.

That's because her campaign is geared toward being a champion for small businesses.

But what sort of message does it send when no small businesses get an invite?

"It does have a be closed off, it's hard for someone of her fame to have the living room meetings without being bombarded without the media and everyone trying to get in,,," said KWWL's political expert Chris Larimer.

Larimer says there's no doubt she's the democrats front runner.

So at this point in the campaign, it's about controlling the message, keeping the conversation tight and positive.

But Larimer says she'll have to open the floor soon if she wants to keep  Iowans interested.

And as for Jeb Bush, he hasn't officially announced he is running for president.

But he's already declared he won't be attending the straw poll.

Larimer says that's probably to his benefit, because straw poll Republicans aren't his biggest fans.

He'll need to do more though if he wants to be a contender. 

"Voters still have concerns how well they can relate to him. The best way to overcome that is to visit early and often," said Larimer.

Take a page from his competitions book -- visit a Pizza Ranch or two.

"That's the best strategy for him to overcome these negative perceptions," said Larimer.
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