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Iowa ranked high on 'worst puppy mills' list

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 Iowa is ranked fourth on the Humane Society's "horrible 100" list of puppy mills, with 11 mills reported.

Puppy mills are defined as being large commercial facilities that focus on the quantity of dogs and not the quality of their life.

Century Farm Puppies in Grundy Center has been breeding cavachon puppies for more than a decade.

Owner Rex Meyers says don't get the two confused -- his operation is far from a puppy mill.

"Puppy mills are places that are in it for the dollar, to make a buck quick. They don't care about the animals and don't spend time with them," said  Meyers.

Meyers says his place is different.

He's licensed by the USDA -- something mills can't get.

His dogs are all inspected by vets and he says their quality of life is above average.

"We get high schoolers to come out and run the dogs," he said.

He says a lot of mills start as small casual breeding, but turn into something out of control.

"If you think it's a puppy mill you need to report it to the USDA and they have inspectors that will come and inspect the dogs," said Meyer.

At the Cedar Bend Humane Society, they're used to seeing dogs coming from the worst places.

"We've been involved in several different instances where authorities have closed down dog breeding facilities or puppy mills -- which means 300 to 400 dogs are displaced so we help take care of them," says co-director Kristin Gardner.

That's a lot of dogs, and that's why Gardner encourages people to adopt.

"There are thousands of more pets than people," says Gardner.

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