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Life in Prison: Frederiksen sentenced in Evelyn Miller murder trial

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Casey Frederiksen walks into court Monday, May 11, to be sentenced. (Michael Crowe, KWWL) Casey Frederiksen walks into court Monday, May 11, to be sentenced. (Michael Crowe, KWWL)

Casey Frederiksen will spend the rest of his life prison for the murder 5-year-old Evelyn Miller, a judge ruled Monday.

Frederiksen was convicted in March on charges of 1st Degree Murder and Sex Abuse. Miller first went missing in 2005. Frederiksen was dating her mother at the time, and was watching her that night.

At his trial, prosecutors painted a picture of long-running sexual abuse by Frederiksen, culminating in a sexual injury just prior to her death. To hide the injury, he killed her and threw the body in the Cedar River, a jury ruled.

Frederiksen was arrested for possession of child porn, found on his computer during the search for Evelyn. He's been in prison on that charge for years.

Prior to his sentencing on these new convictions, Frederiksen's council requested a new trial, saying evidence of Frederiksen's child porn use was improperly introduced into court. The judge denied the request.

Evelyn's family filled the courtroom, alongside Frederiksen's mother and grandmother.

Evelyn's grandmother, Linda Christie, took the stand to deliver her victim impact statement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Evelyn Celeste Miller,” she said before introducing a 4.5 minute memorial video of pictures, set to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

She said it just felt right.

“She loved rainbows and it said everything about where she is,” Christie said. “Over the rainbow.”

Both charges carried a mandatory life in prison for Frederiksen. The judge ruled those be served consecutively, since they were not related. He said once Frederiksen injured Evelyn, he didn't have to kill her.

“It didn't have to go any farther, but it did,” he said.

Floyd County Sheriff's deputies lined the back of the courtroom during the hearing.

“It's a great day for Floyd County,” said Chief Deputy Jeff Crooks.

Crooks said he received the call that a body was found in the river, and was first on the scene where Evelyn was found.

He said Evelyn was the same age as his daughter, and they would have been sophomore in high school together right now.

He said they knew this day would come.

“It's all for Evelyn,” Crooks said. “All the hard work, the DCI and agencies did – It's all for that little girl.”

But while they may find closure here, forgiveness is more elusive.

“I'm not at that point now,” Christie said. “I can't do it. Maybe down the road, but who knows.”

That, Christie said, is because she doesn't believe Frederiksen is sorry.

“He killed her to cover up what he did,” she said. “He's not sorry. He's a sociopath. He's not sorry. He doesn't care.”

Frederiksen will finish out his federal child porn sentence, then be transferred to the custody of the State of Iowa. He was also ordered to pay $29,000 to the victims' restitution fund, and a $150,000 settlement to Evelyn's heirs.

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