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Does It Really Work?: The Grill Daddy

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If you're firing up your grill anytime soon this season, it might be in desperate need of a good cleaning.

The Grill Daddy, an As Seen on TV product, claims to melt away grime and old food.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher puts the Grill Daddy to the test to find out: Does It Really Work?

Corey Clark and his team at Point Builders grill pretty often at work.

"Oh I'd say we try and do it maybe once a quarter," Clark said.

The truth is, they'd like to munch on burgers and brats a lot more often. However, when they do bring out the grill, that leftover food from the last grill-out can stick around.

The Grill Daddy advertises the power of steam, with the help of stainless steel brushes. The product claims its patented technology takes away grease, grime and charred-on leftovers, making cleaning any grill "a breeze."

For the test, Crutcher and Clark fired up the grill, waited for it to get hot, then began cleaning. They cleaned half of the grill with a wire brush and the other half with the Grill Daddy for a point of comparison.

They filled the apparatus with water, turned the knob on top to point toward "on," then began scrubbing. Water was released from the brush when tilted to clean.

It turns out some grill experts have used the Grill Daddy before, and say the only concern is the amount of water used when cleaning a gas grill.

"You just want to make sure you don't have too much water and condensation, because it's going to start affecting the coils in the burner part in the bottom of your surface, which can end up deteriorating," said Karen Whitt, retail manager at Camping World.

For Clark, though, the Grill Daddy fared pretty well. He says while the wire brush did the job, he likes the idea of a water application build into a brush.

Clark gives the Grill Daddy a B.

"The advantages that I saw was when you're actually scraping the debris off, the water really helps clean the grill further, if you have residue... I saw that as the advantage," he said.
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