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Does It Really Work?: Copper Fit

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Whether you're a professional athlete, or someone who stays active with a regular workout regime, the ongoing pain of a prior injury might sound familiar.

Copper Fit, an As Seen On TV product, claims to help keep you on the move.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher puts Copper Fit to the test to find out: Does It Really Work?

Luke Carman studies fitness and wellness at the University of Northern Iowa. After hurting his knee in a basketball game, he learned a lot from his injury.

"I had chronic pain for years," Carman said. "I really struggled getting over it. The more I used it, the worse it seemed to get."

Copper Fit claims to help relieve pain that stems from a previous injury. The product makes compression sleeves for the knee, elbow and the back.

Carman tested the knee sleeve, as it's marketed to reduce swelling, muscle soreness, and aches and pains in the joints.

First, Carman ran on the treadmill in the sleeve, saying it provided a good mix of mobility. After a run, Crutcher and Carman moved to the weights, hitting the leg press and leg curl.

At this point during the test, Carman said the Copper Fit sleeve felt good, and gave his knee the extra support he needed.

Athletic trainers, though, aren't entirely keen on the product. Some say the copper infusion isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"The copper -- what we know is it's good for anti-bacterial effects, but as far as pain control goes, the studies I've seen, it has no effect," said Don Bishop, head athletic trainer at UNI.

After a full workout, Carman ended up giving Copper Fit a B+, explaining it gave him extra stability and confidence at the gym.

"Knowing that it's going to be stable, you aren't going to be wobbling out of place, you know you're going to be able to go a little harder and do a little more because you're more confident in what you're doing," Carman said.

Crutcher checked in with Carman several days after the test, and after he had continued to wear the Copper Fit knee compression sleeve for several more workouts. Carman said the sleeve stayed comfortable, and he liked the extra support from the product.
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