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Want to watch the fight? Pay the piper.

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 If you want to throw back a cold one while watching the Pacquiao-Mayweather boxing match, you better do it at home.

"When he said $6500,, I kinda chuckled a little and said, 'ahh, I don't think we'll be showing it,'" said Peppers manager Steve Plummer.

It's that much because it goes by occupancy, or how many seats are in the building.

"It would be nice to show it but as a business decision it's a no-brainer," said Plummer.

KWWL asked if he would consider charging cover, and he said it wouldn't be fair because people who just want to eat would be forced to pay or leave.

"We'd end up driving away more business than we'd bring in," he said.

So if you can't watch the game at the bar, you can watch it at home... for $100.

It's no big deal for boxing fans at Fighter Body Fitness.

"It's the biggest fight of the century, its Money Team v. Pacman, it's the best of the best," said fan Jason Chambers.

He's going to try to guilt his friends to chip in.

Another fan, Wes Gardner, is going to pay for it by himself.

"Any price you ask it's worth it," said Gardner.

KWWL called many bars around Eastern Iowa and could only find one showing the fight, in Iowa City.

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