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'Hatred' video game sparks controversy

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A new violent video game set to release in June has area police worried about it's excessive violence.

It's called Hatred and the main objective of the game is to kill civilians and police officers.

The trailer for the game begins with a monologue: 

"My name is not important, what's important is what I'm going to do," the main character says.

KWWL's Olivia Mancino sat down with experts to get their reactions to the trailer.

Social worker Bob Boezinger was appalled. 

"There's no care or decency for humanity here," he said.

Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka agrees, "Whoever did this is a sick individual. 

The trailer depicts a lone wolf killing police officers and innocent people for no reason whatsoever.

Boezinger says the game can trigger issues for people with mental health problems.

"I think that it mirrors our latest tragedies, where we have these mass shootings where people say they're going to go in and kill as many people as they can, then kill themselves," says Boezinger.

He says there's not enough safeguard on this game--the trailer alone is out for everyone to see, especially kids.

You can only buy the game online, on a program called "Steam," so you can't go to a store and buy a physical copy.

Steam is a program used by more than 75 million people.

The makers of Hatred claim they're the first to have an "adults only" rating on Steam.

Gaming expert Michael Anderson explained the rating.

"It's not just like eh, it kinda passes, its no, no adolescents should be playing this game," says Anderson.

But kids will be kids, right?

"There are definitely ways to download it if you're under 18," says Anderson.

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