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UPDATE: New Albin man missing in Nepal has been found

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UPDATE: Cole Donahue, the 30-year-old missing in Nepal, has been found.

According to Donahue's missing Facebook page his family created, they shared a post on Donahue's personal Facebook page that he is alive and well. We called Donahue's cousin, who also confirmed he is okay.

In the shared post, Donahue says he was about 45 minutes away from the Everest Base Camp when the earthquake that caused an avalanche occurred.

"It buried myself and 6 others I was with but we were all out with in seconds and and all walked away with no injuries," Donahue said.

He says he would have been in contact sooner, but all communications have been down in the mountains, and he spent the last 2 days hiking to the nearest town to reach out.

Donahue says he will return to the United States by May 2nd.



The death toll now stands at more than 2,500 people after a powerful earthquake and strong aftershocks rocked Nepal on Saturday. Those aftershocks triggered avalanches on Mount Everest. 

It was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime for 30-year-old Cole Donahue. The New Albin man's goal was to trek to Mount Everest.

"What are the chances that my brother goes on a random trip to Nepal at the same time they have an earthquake that they haven't had the magnitude in 30 years," said Patrick Donahue, Cole's brother. 

Donahue left about a week ago and traveled by himself.

His family says he never really told anyone his schedule, but after seeing video and news reports they are worried.

"What we think is that he was somewhere between Kathmandu and Mt. Everest. What we're trying to do it pinpoint his location," said Patrick Donahue. 

They have called and texted him, but no answer. 

Donahue's family and friends even set up a Facebook page called "Cole Donahue-Missing." 

Now they're digging through his Facebook page, trying to contact people who maybe would have seen him last.

"You can see he is checked in at different places and Cole while he traveled alone, he is never alone. He makes fifty friends along the way," said Maryellen Jenson, cousin. 

As for now his family waits from afar to get any kind of contact from him. They are asking if anyone knows where he might be to contact the 'Cole Donahue-Missing' Facebook page. 

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