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Does It Really Work?: The Wincleaner

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For many of us, a slow computer is a headache waiting to happen.

As Seen On TV Product, the Wincleaner, claims to be a one-click fix.

The Wincleaner is a USB device, advertised as a solution to make a computer "run like new" -- improving start-up time, better security and privacy, and faster browsing.

KWWL's Ally Crutcher puts the Wincleaner to the test to find out: Does It Really Work?

Ben Sewick works at iTech, an Apple specialty store in Cedar Falls. He says he hears from customers on a daily basis about slow-running computers. So Crutcher and Sewick began testing the Wincleaner on one of his PCs.

However, halfway through the test, they ran into a problem. Windows on the computer popped up with messages indicating the files on the Wincleaner were corrupted.

Crutcher exchanged the Wincleaner for a new one, and then started test number two.

The second go-round worked better than the first attempt. Once the USB was inserted, and several steps were followed for activation, it started optimizing and getting rid of extra junk.

The results, though, were far from earth-shattering.

"Overall, I didn't notice a big difference in performance," Sewick said.

Sewick gave the Wincleaner a "D."

The product passed Crutcher's and Sewick's test -- barely. A few seconds were shaved off of the computer's start-up time, but browsing didn't appear to be any faster.

Experts say one concern with the Wincleaner is it doesn't have any anti-virus software or spyware. They recommend taking a computer to a professional for a deep cleaning.
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