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Evansdale business dodges scam

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 An area business almost gets fooled by a scam artist, and now they're warning others so the same thing doesn't happen to them.

At Creative Impact in Evansdale, Linda Wachal makes customized items right in her storefront.

She runs a small family business, that's why she's taking this scam personally.

"It has an account number, and all this fine print on the back of it," she says, describing the invoice she received from "Website Backup."

She says she received the invoice in the mail, claiming she owed the company money.

The invoice looks professional and legitimate. 

"This was done by someone who obviously knows what they're doing," she says.

After a quick Google search, she found multiple reports stating "Website Bacup" is a scam.

The company, allegedly out of Arizona, even has a number attached to the invoice.

When Wachal called, she was put through the ringer via voice recordings.

A recorded voice told her the next customer service rep wasn't available for over half hour, and she would receive a call back.

She never did.

It's a laughably obvious scam, but still, Wachal is offended,

"We work hard for our money, and to have someone try to scam us like this, it's really irritating, and disconcerting too."

She says she wants other small and large businesses to be aware of the scam so they don't get had.
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