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'I was watched out for' says track coach after being shocked by power line

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WILLIAMSBURG (KWWL) - An eastern Iowa track coach says he is lucky to be alive after being shocked over the weekend while preparing for a track meet.

Coach Nick Nordheim is the girl's track coach and a science teacher at Williamsburg High.

Nordheim was released from the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center Tuesday, and was quickly readmitted for surgery because the burn marks on his feet got infected.

"Something that has gone through my mind a lot of times," said Coach Nordheim. "Just from what people have told me, a lot of people may not have survived or may not have had limbs. For some reason I was watched out for."

Sunday, Nordheim and coach Matt Matthes were preparing for this week's track meet.

"We were moving [a portable field goal post] and that's about the last I remember of it. And I woke up here," said Nordheim

Woke up at UI's Burn Treatment Center after being knocked unconscious by the electrical current when the portable goal post somehow made contact with a utility line.

Nordheim says he's not sure if the goal post actually touched the utility line or just came close, but it left burn marks on his arms, back, head and his feet.

Coach Matthes was able to pull Nordheim away from the goal post and surprising Matthes was not injured.

Emergency responders say Nordheim is lucky to be alive - his shoes were melted and there were burn spots on the ground where he was standing.

"Bummed about my favorite Pumas that was melted and had to get cut off me too," said Nordheim.

And even in all of this, he's still an upbeat coach with a positive attitude.

"Very passionate about what he does and always an upbeat guy," said Williamsburg Activities Director, Curt Ritchie. "Everybody's attracted to him because of his positive attitude."

Ritchie says Nordheim is expected to make a full recovery, but probably not as quick as Nordheim would like.

"The soreness and the itching that stuff is pretty small compared to what I could've lost, what my son could've lost, or my wife could've lost," said Nordheim. "I'm upset I have to miss track practice."

He says the Williamsburg students and staff have been so supportive in his recovery, they actually sent him a video of Wednesday's track practice.

"Everybody we've talked to, investigators, from the electric company and everything they cannot really explain how he is, how nothing happened to coach Matthes and we're just really grateful for that," said Ritchie.
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