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City leaders in Waukon work to clear air of stinky odor

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WAUKON (KWWL) - Stand downwind from the Aveka Nutra Food Processing plant in Waukon, and you might think the city is launching an all-out attack on your sense of smell.

The smell from the plant's work drying food grade materials is leaving a pungent odor around town, and many aren't happy.

"It's horrible," Sandy Halverson said. She owns the S&D Café in downtown Waukon. "When I have my office windows open and the wind is just right, I can definitely smell it."

Although it hasn't affected or drove away any business, she still hears about it all the time.

"You just hear everybody how it affects their lives," she said. "They can't hang their laundry out, and that's a big thing in this small community, you want the fresh. Going for walks is horrible. I have grandchildren and like to take walks...not so much."

Mayor Loren Beneke and his City Council have been working with the plant to find a solution to this problem. He said they're working to install a bag house, which he's been told will reduce the smell up to 80 percent.

"I'm not a scientist, I'm not a chemist, I don't have the ability to come up with more complete information," he said. "If the smell goes away, great. If the smell doesn't go away, we'll try something else."

He said this is an issue that the city has been aware of for a while and has been working on for quite some time.

"We've had it on our agenda for the last few months," he said.

That bag house is supposed to be installed and operational by the beginning of July. 
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