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Gov. Branstad signs sledding bill

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Gov. Terry Branstad signed what's become to be known as the Sledding Bill Wednesday afternoon in Des Moines, making Iowa cities not liable if sledders get hurt on city property.

City leaders say they're happy to see the change, especially those in Dubuque. The City of Dubuque banned sledding in some municipal parks this past winter due to the debate, which received national attention.

However, it's not solely sledding that's covered in the bill. The legislation covers other recreational activities such as cycling, skateboarding, and disc golf, allowing cities not to be liable for any accidents or injuries on city property.

Some, though, believe cities should bear the burden.

"Things do happen, you can get hurt discing. I've broken toes and things like that, sprained ankles," Chris Gibbs said.

Others feel it's up to the individual to be responsible.

"I understand it completely, I mean everyone is responsible for their own well being," Sean Berry said.

Some also said when it comes to sledding, parents should be responsible for where kids sled and no problems should fall on a city's back.

Dubuque Mayor Buol said he's pleased with the bill, and as a city, will continue to make sledding areas safe for the public.

Mayor Buol said the legal council will take a look at the bill, and will then revisit the city ordinance that had banned sledding in some parts of the city last year.
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