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Anti-Bullying legislation clears Iowa Senate

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 It's officially called Senate Bill 345 - but what it really is for so many kids in Iowa  - is hope.  

Hope that new measures will make sure every child in Iowa is protected from bullies.

The new anti-bullying bill sheds the grey - it is now in black and white - leaving no room for interpretation.

Schools now have authority off school grounds.  Meaning schools would now have the right to investigate all reports of bullying - whether it's in the hallways, online, at the mall.  It doesn't matter.  

Mindy Fisher is a Learning Specialist with the Waterloo School District and she is instrumental in anti-bullying programs in the district - I asked her to stop by the station to get the district's take on this new version.

"It makes schools very aware when students are doing things on social media, it can impact their experience in the classroom and have consequences on those who are making those threats," said Fisher.

I turned to Facebook to get the pulse on what everyone thinks about this bill and the comments blew up - with mixed reaction.

Alix Powers says "I think it's a great idea! If this is what has to be done to make a change in bullying...then so be it! If kids are continually doing it, even outside of school...then obviously actions are not being addressed appropriately like they should be and this is the change we need." 

Jen Kugel asks "when is it on the parents? So we don't have to do our job ever? Parents should be outraged but of course they aren't because let's have the schools do the job of watching our kids 24/7."

But to clarify -- the schools would not be responsible for watching our children - schools would have the right and authority to investigate all reports of bullying.

Bottom line - if our children's behavior, no matter what the age, negatively affects another child at school -- if the  bill passes, the school will have the right to investigate and discipline.
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