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An inside look at the StormTrack 7 weather center


Eastern Iowa is no stranger to severe weather. That's why our StormTrack 7 team is constantly tracking storms from our weather center.

"Things change from moment to moment, especially in a storm situation," says KWWL StormTrack 7 meteorologist Eileen Loan. "We could see one storm popping up, then suddenly another one pops up right behind it and cuts off the fuel for the first storm."

With weather always changing, the team monitors weather models constantly.

"Specifically, it's within the next 24 hours before you can start to pinpoint if its going to affect Waterloo, maybe Dubuque, possibly Iowa City," says Loan.

But you can't just track weather from inside.

"We have technology in space with the satellite and radar, which looks down on the surface of the earth, but we also have technology on the surface of the earth -- our eyes," Loan said.

So when severe weather hits eastern Iowa, the StormTRACK 7 team makes sure it has all its bases covered.

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