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Leon Mosley continues 1-man fight against Waterloo crime

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Leon Mosley of Waterloo is tired of what's happening in his city. So he came out of retirement to do something about it.

Back in February, he held an action team meeting in a joint effort with authorities. The hope was to get the community together and stop the violence.

Mosley says he isn't going to hold any more meetings.

"I don't ask nobody for no help. I'll go do it," said Mosley.

He works by himself and then puts the information he obtains into the police's hands.

He says the violence will get better. In fact, the latest shootings don't frustrate him. He says those people are just ignorant.

"It's one thing to shoot somebody," said Mosley. "It's another thing to get caught and sit there in jail and cry, 'I didn't mean it.' Yes, you did. Or why would you do it?"

Mosley encourages people who are afraid to come forward to call him, but to stop the violence, he said, it starts at home.

"Good people get up off their butts and keep track of their kids," he said. "What are they doing? Where they're at? Who are they hanging around with? You're going to always have this," said Mosley. 

Mosley patrols the streets himself, but he encourages people to call him. His number is 319-269-1857. 

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