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New Decorah eaglets attracting lots of attention

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The Decorah eagles live stream is the most viewed live stream in the world, with more than 313 million people logging on to watch the majestic birds in action.

And now that two of the three eggs have hatched, and with one more anticipated to hatch in the next day or two, viewership has jumped to more than 10,000 people. 

"It happened almost overnight. It's huge," said Bob Anderson, director of the Raptor Resource Project.

These birds have been extremely attentive and protective of their eggs since they were laid -- at times disappearing under mounds of snow.

But now that they're born, their parents will be just as attentive.

"Because they are quite small they have to be covered most of the time," Anderson said. "Fortunately, the afternoons are warming up and the adults can get off and feed them now. And we're going to have some really warm weather to where we're going to see the babies more."

They also have to be on guard for predators.

"There have been some raccoons trying to eat the eaglets. That would just be tragic if that happened," Anderson said.

Not only tragic for the eagles, but for all the viewers as well.

"People develop a sense of ownership," he said. "Somewhere between 50-500 hours of watching the eagle cam, it becomes their birds, and they take on a sense of ownership."

Right now, we can only get occasional glimpses of the eaglets. They remain covered most of the time. But when they aren't, they are certainly adorable creatures to watch.

Anderson said that won't last long, either.

"Once they start growing feathers, they start changing, and they're no longer the cute little eaglet," he said. "They get into what some people call an ugly stage."

Anderson also said the Decorah site will become much busier in the coming weeks.

"Yesterday (Sunday) was nuts," he said. "There were people everywhere. I even talked to one guy who said he drove up from Kansas."

Hopefully the eagles will continue to put on an interesting show for all those viewers and visitors.

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