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Someone You Should Know - Jennifer Schlader

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EVANSDALE (KWWL) -  If you love your work, you never have to work a day in your life.

As a special education preschool teacher, that's how Jennifer Schlader feels about her job.

"You just really have to enjoy the job and really love it," Schlader said. "I love the kids."

By teaching at Elk Run Preschool, Schlader has enriched the lives of many students.

"They come in everyday and they're happy to see their friends, they're happy to see us, they're happy to just come in and learn," Schlader said. "That's huge because that's the biggest part of my day, making sure they want to come to school and they want to be here and they're excited about learning."

Schlader hasn't only made an impact on her students, but on their parents as well.

Amy Goodvin Czuba has two children in Schlader's class.

She said the first time their kids meet Mrs. Schlader, they loved her.

"I knew they were going to be okay and they were sign to be safe and they love it here," Goovin Czuba said.

There are ten special education students and ten general education students in Schlader's classroom, but for her, it's not about a diagnosis.

"They shouldn't be judged by what paperwork they have or what not," Schlader said.

But Schlader doesn't limit her support to the classroom.

"It's not just a job during school hours, like, my kids have been sick a lot this year and Jennifer will call outside of school to check on them," Goodvin Czuba said. "She does that quite often if they're gone."

But Schlader's favorite part about being a teacher is the hugs.

"They always come in with a hug and they leave with a hug," Schlader said. "I usually can't get out the door and they can't get out the door without giving me a hug first. That melts my heart every single day."

Goodvin Czuba said it takes special people to be special education teachers. "Not everyone can be one."

This is Schlader's second year at Elk Run Preschool.

She taught special education at River Hills in Cedar Falls for ten years before coming to teach preschool in Evansdale.

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