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EPA reports better gas mileage standards

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(NBC) -

Automakers have beat ever-toughening gas mileage standards for a second year in a row.

A report from the Environmental Protection Agency said vehicles sold in the U.S. averaged 24.1 miles per gallon for the 2013 model years. 

That's a half-gallon increase over the previous year. 

According to the EPA, gas mileage increased five miles a gallon since 2004.

It also says there are now more than three times as many vehicles available that get 30 miles per gallon than there were just 5 years ago. 

Automakers are having to meet stricter standard through 2025 -- standards aimed at saving 12 billion barrels of oil and reducing costs to motorists by an average of $8,000 per vehicle over a vehicle's lifetime. 

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