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Iowa bill could ban tanning for teens; tanning salons against it

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Iowa teenagers may need a back-up plan to get their bronze on.

The Iowa Senate approved a bill this week banning indoor tanning for anyone under 18. The bill will now go on to the House.

Island Paradise Tanning Salon owner Brenda Cummings says this will do more harm than good for teens.

Currently, the law allows minors to tan with parental consent.

Teen tanner Kayla Nunemaker claims getting a base tan saved her from getting burnt on a recent vacation.

"Without tanning, I would have burned really easy," she said. "With tanning, it helped get my skin used to the sunlight."

Center for Disease Control and Prevention researchers say, in actuality, getting a "base tan" isn't safe at all.

Cummings disagrees, and says using beds help with more than just your skin.

"A lot of the reason kids tan is because of depression, anxiety and stress. Kids have stress too," she says.

Cummings says she's helped thousands of kids in her 10 years in business, and she's worried this ban could make things worse for teens.

"I think suicides are going to be on the rise, health care costs are going to go up, they're going to end up in emergency rooms, because they're not educated," says Cummings.

She says she's not advocating for teens, or anyone, to overdo it on the fake bake.

"Tan in moderation, not every single day," Cummings said. "That's the key."

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