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Iowa lawmakers already looking to ban "palcohol"

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Powdered alcohol has already been approved by the FDA, but Iowa lawmakers are already looking to ban it.

The Senate passed a bill that would ban "palcohol," and the House is working on a similar bill now.

The powder would come in a packet, and all you would need to do is pour and stir.

This makes bartenders and managers a little squeamish.

"People could bring it in their pocket and we would never know," says Whiskey Road manager Ryan Drewes. "We could unknowingly overserve someone who has been drinking palcohol."

Bringing personal beverages in a bar isn't allowed anyway, but that doesn't stop some people from trying. 

"Tiny packets, you can put them anywhere. We're going to see a person carry a bottle of booze in," says Drewes.

A second major concern, especially for law enforcement, is it's versatility.

"There is an overdose concern with this. I've already see on Facebook a couple of different videos of people just straight up snorting it," says Waterloo Police Sergeant Melissa Ludwig.

Although palcohol isn't for sale yet, bars are prepared to deal with it.

"We'd let our staff know if it became a problem, we would start making them aware of what it looks like, what people are doing to sneak it in, letting them know if they see it, it isn't allowed in here," says Drewes.

If palcohol isn't banned, it could be sold as soon as this summer.

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